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At Progressive Heads we have the experience and practical knowledge to deliver beautiful, original hairstyles for all our clients. Our aim is to create individual styles that suit you, your hair and your lifestyle. We use only the best equipment and products and pride ourselves on impeccable service. Our qualified and highly trained stylists will teach you how to maintain your new look at home using techniques and products to suit both your abilities and your budget.


Wella Colour Touch

Wella Colour Touch creates natural 3D colour effects using state of the art techniques and products. With Wella Colour Touch our colour specialists can produce creative and individual looks to suit you, whether you want to lighten, darken, brighten or build intense colour. Our products will add shine and condition to your hair and offer 50% grey coverage.

Wella Koleston Perfect Colour

At Progressive heads we have 3 trained Wella colour specialists, each have completed 9 month special training at the Wella Studio to become technician standard colourists. Years of working with Wella Koleston products means we have the knowledge and experience to get the best results for your hair.

iStock_000013341437_ExtraSmallColour Correction

Colour correction is a highly personal process that can be used to lighten, darken or even completely change your overall colour. Our experienced technicians are trained in many different colour techniques and can design an approach to get the best results specifically for you.

Colour correction requires a consultation with one of our colour specialists. At Progressive Heads it is always our aim to maintain healthy beautiful hair which is why we take the time to assess the condition of your hair and understand the overall look you hope to achieve.

We will decide on the best products and techniques to use in order to achieve the best look for your individual needs. For this reason prices for colour correction are available on application.

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